My art is a visual bridge from my spirit to the viewer as I paint the beauty of the modest, the humble and the healers.
I enjoy working with oils and pastels but that has never limited me from surrounding myself with
natures found objects that inspire me to create with texture and dimension.

   This site provides examples of some of the mediums that call to me, as well as flights of fancy.

Enjoy your visit.



image in oil

The oil gallery

There is just something about working with oils that excites and challenges me. I like the consistency, the slow drying time, the scent of turpentine when I open the door to my studio, the ability to change my mind knowing all is not loss.


pastel image

The pastel gallery

Soft pastels straddle the line between painting and drawing that isn't available with any other medium.
The finished pieces can be completed quickly yet can have a look just as luscious and luminescent as paintings.

Mixed Mediums

anasazi glyph

Mixed Mediums

In this gallery you will find examples of mixed media, acrylics, petroglyph images and digital work.